How It Works

Finding the perfect vacation rental is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Want to make money on your vacation property or a room in your home? List it with RoomsForTrip.

1 Search

Find the perfect place to stay

Find the place that's perfect for you by entering the destination on the RoomsForTrip Home Page (or modify your search on the search results page). You can optionally enter your travel dates as well.
You can stay in a private rental, or stay in one or more rooms in an owner hosted rental (when the owner is present). Check out your options!

2 Review Properties

Compare properties, contact owners, or book a property from the search results page

You can select multiple properties by clicking the check marks on the photos, as you see in this image:

Then, you can either click Compare to compare the properties you are most interested in, or click Contact Owners to send questions to property owners about availability or amenities.

Or, if you've found the property you love, you can click Book it Now to book the property without waiting!

Once you click on a property, it takes you to where you can see its photos, rates, amenities, availability, and a map of where the property is located.

3 Book it!

To Make reservation, You have two ways to book your vacation rental

a. If you see this button, book your property online: Book Now

If a property has the blue “Book It Now!” button on the property page, book the rental! The property owner will confirm your reservation within 24 hours of your submitting a booking request.

b. Otherwise, message a few property owners using the “Enquiry” inquiry form: Submit

If a property page does not have a blue "Book It Now!" button on it, then fill out the “Enquiry” form and submit a rental inquiry directly to the property owner. Contact a few property owners this way until you find a property you would like to book. When you find a property you would like to book, reserve the property and arrange for payment directly with the property owner. Then make sure to register your reservation with RoomsForTrip and wait for an email confirmation from the member of our staff, before sending your payment to the property owner or manager, to qualify for our $1000 in Direct Payment Traveler Protection at no cost.

Either way - know that you are Always Protected!

Travel with the Always Protected Traveler Protection Over 100,000 vacation rental properties 24 x 7 Customer Service If you pay for your booking using the RoomsForTrip Booking System, your payment isn't released to the Property Owner until 24 hours after you have checked out.